About us

This business originally started with our love of bikes, and bike rides. This love soon blossomed into a small family-run business that sells bike tires and tubes across the world. Over the past decade, we have sold over 125,000 tires worldwide.

This business started after we traveled the world before settling down in the UK. We thoroughly enjoy serving our customers from all around the world. 

We would like to be more in touch with our customers, for that reason, we have set up an Instagram and Facebook account.


If you have bought some of our tires, please send us pictures -via our email or Instagram- of your new tires, we would love to see them! We believe that our tires are well priced and ranged. 

We are a mainly online business, and we don’t own a shop at which you can buy the tires,  however, you can email us at curiouk@gmail.com, or talk to us directly, 0744629887.

Thank you for looking at our online shop and we hope you buy from our shop again soon!